" We all live in a story book,

we must push ourselves to do what we feel is right for us inside,

 then you will complete your life story. "


Julian P. Flores


My extensive research and experience includes realism, surrealism, impressionist, abstract, cubism, and mixed media.


My mentors include Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Max Ernst, Pablo Picasso, Giorgio de Chirico, Rene Magritte, Yves Tanguy, Michelangelo, Claude Monet, Raphael, Auguste Rodin, and Leonardo da Vinci.


I mainly used acrylic paint during adolescence, and later started to play around with oil paints.  My painting really took off when I met my mentor, my first art teacher in college.  He opened my mind to a greater breadth of styles, including surrealism.  I quickly dove into the world of surrealism, learning the history, embracing the mindset, and soon after that I began to practice various styles.

Talent in the fine arts is a trademark and passion of mine since childhood.


I’ve always loved drawing and this is probably where it all started.  My drawing skills became more detailed and in depth in college and I especially enjoyed life drawing.

Apparel - Posters - Designs available for purchase


I have twelve plus years in the graphic design field, using all the professional tools such as Adobe Suite, Adobe Photo Shop, and Illustrator.  After a quick chat about your organization’s needs, culture, and clients, my creative mind immediately begins to craft a visual representation.


My strengths are that I am confident in my abilities and know there is nothing I can’t do to please my clients; it is art I am creating and for which I have passion.


I also have five years of experience in video editing and directing.

I’ve gained much of my experience through the creation of a short film.

 Then I continued to expand my skills with editing programs like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier.  I soon started to do video editing work for existing clients (like San Jose State University’s Communication Center).


Have an art, graphic design, or video project in mind?  Email me for a quote.  I use a wide range of fine art mediums and styles and graphic visual forms including logos, branding, banners, print, PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, UX design, visual design, information design and website design.